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Gurugram based Artist – Pooja Aggarwal talks to Asia Art Festival about how she has started her new venture ‘Artify’ inspired by the current scenario of Covid-19

1. Please tell us something about your work. How would you describe yourself as an artist?

“I am a Gurugram based artist and I specialize in 3 Dimensional paintings. These paintings are done on wood using oil and acrylic colors. The intriguing feature is that they provide an optical illusion and parts of the picture which seem the farthest away are actually physically the closest to the viewer. These are unique and appropriately called the moving arts.”

2. The lockdown has provided an abundance of leisure time. How are you making use of this time? What projects are you currently working on?

“During the lockdown I have been working on my new painting titled – ‘An Ode to the Migrants Labourers’, in which I have tried to capture aesthetically the essence of the COVIS-19 situation. Art is not only about seeing but about feeling. This has been depicted by evoking emotions that we all felt at the time of the mass exodus of the migrant labourers. It is a documentation of the historical moment in motion using oil on canvas. The size is 30×72 inches. Here my biggest challenge was to catch the essence of rural India and movement of the characters at this historical time of lockdown 2020.”

3. How has the lockdown impacted you financially? What is the alternative that you are working on to combat this situation?

During these unprecedented times, I have started my new online venture by The name – ‘Artify by Pooja’ teaching art online from my digital studio in Gurugram. I teach mediums like sketching watercolor oils and acrylics online taking weekday and weekend batches. Therefore, taking this new virtual form of art forward digitally. This happened when I noticed that art enthusiasts are many, but when it comes to execution there is a gap in the training when we talk about material handling and technique. I am also undertaking special classes for the underprivileged and handicapped students of course free of Cost where I would want them to become self reliant and enhance their skill sitting at home. This has led me to contribute to the society in my own small way.

5. Your journey as an artist is very galvanizing. Do you have a message for the many aspiring young artists out there?

“I would like to tell the youth of today – ‘It’s never too late to start something new, to do all those things that you’ve been longing to do. It’s never too late for a new beginning in your life.”

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